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I think the biggest value is the association representing us in the state government to make sure no bills get passed that could be detrimental to the industry. In addition, they keep us up to date on new information that is necessary for us to be informed on.

Darrell Cobb Tire & Services, Inc.

Serving on the South Carolina Tire Dealers and Retreaders Association's Board has been very humbling. We, as a board, are here to be the voice and ears of the association to benefit our members and the industry. 

Bob Johnson, U.S. Tire Recycling, L.P 

SCTDRA is the best association value I get for the money, they provide educational seminars that make a huge difference in how I operate my business. They keep mee abreast to all legislation that affects our industry in the state and nationally. Also, by attending association functions, I am able to speak with tire dealers from all over the state and discuss common issues and problems, and take action to make improvements. We need as many companies as possible to join so the association can provide even more benefits. There is strength in numbers! We can accomplish so much more together than we can alone.

Skipper Lancaster, Dixie Tire & Automotive

SCTDRA has helped me network with other dealers in our state with different problems or situations and how to handle them. Also, it has been beneficial in being able to recommend customers to other dealers if they have a problem or they are out of town. 

Philip Marlowe, Palmetto Tire of Sumter 

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